Level Snowboard

In snowbording  everyone has different skills, this means that everyone reaches different goals with his own time.

At the end of any course our instructors give each one a report card, which after a careful evaluation, certifies the reached level.

The assessment is made on base at performance of exercises established in FISI's technical text. This text rapresent the method in the techinical path of snowboard teaching.

For evaluation of students at Scuola Sci e Snowboard San Vito e Borca di Cadore we rely on the indications of AMSI (Italian association of ski instructors) which uses 4 levels to determine the skills of each snowboarder.

1st level: we start from the sliding in the search for a strategy for balance; the student is brought to intentionally move and to look for the curve phase through the rotary pulse of the body.

2nd level: the basic curves technique and skids is learned; the goals of this level are the speed increase and the conscious management of the board on easy slopes.

3rd level: harmony and control of movements are combined with speed management; the movements become fluid and increases the grip of the foil on the snow, managing the speed according to the slopes difficulty. In this level you will know tricks on the slope and fakie.

4th level: the mastery of body and board movements in any situation. It is the  start level for the three snowboarding addresses:

alpine - hard snowboard, curves in extreme bending at high speed;
freeride - downhill on the track and fresh snow with soft equipment, acrobatic tricks on the slopes;
freestyle - complex acrobatics inside appropriate structures and carefully prepared like the sonwpark.