Ski ability level

In skiing  everyone has different skills, this means each person achieves different goals with his own time.

At the end of any course our instructors give each one a report card, which after a careful evaluation, certifies the reached level.

The assessment is made on base at performance of exercises established in FISI's technical text. This text rapresent the method in the techinical path of ski teaching.

For evaluation of students at Scuola Sci e Snowboard San Vito e Borca di Cadore we rely on the indications of AMSI (Italian association of ski instructors) which uses 3 levels to determine the skills of each skier. The levels are: bronze, silver and gold, each one divided in 3 sub-levels determined by a number of stars from 1 to 3.

Bronze: it's the basic level that starts from zero to get to the first diagonals with parallel skis.

Silver: from curves whit parallel skis on easy slopes to rhythmic curves with different bows, on increasingly difficult tracks.

Gold: it introduces and refines the ski technique in conduction up to the application of these on each kind of ski slope, regardless its snow conditions or the radius of curve.