Get closer to snow sports having fun!

Ski, Snowboard Telemark and Snowbike School

Breathe the fresh and rarefied air that smells of winter. Listen the silence and the sounds of nature muffled by the soft white blanket. Slide along the wide gentle and steep of the slopes, among bizarre rocks, on the snow that creaks under the edges at the touch of the skis. Look at the views that surround and surprise you every time with their ever-changing appearance and at sunset take on a color that goes from pink to gold. Surrounded by the unique scenery of the Dolomites you can experience and enjoy new adventures to discover winter sports.
You will have at your disposal our trained and expert teachers, as well as a wide range of different disciplines with the possibility of choosing between collective classes and private lessons to meet the needs of everyone.

With us you can get close to winter sports in an easy and fun way, thanks to the equipped school camp and the new teaching systems of the various disciplines.