This discipline was born in "Telemark" Norway's region from which it takes name, dates back to the second half of the 1800s and consists of skiing in a particular way. Unlike traditional skis, the skiboots, in this case, is fixed to the skis only at the tip, leaving the heel free

The skier, to maintain the balance during the curve, must make a movement similar to a genuflection with the internal ski.
In the telemark you will use also the sticks, but the most expert ones replace them with a single stick, usually of birch or ash tree, which is moved according to set the curve.

After learning this technique you can ski in a special way and go beyond the usual slopes, entering the woods thanks to the lightness of the materials or going down on intact slopes of powder snow. You will combin downhill skiing, nordik skiing and mountaineering, all in one experience.

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